Jack of All Trades Master of None

I Love going to Farmers Markets ..... my variety of handmade items

Family Happiness

Good Friends

Hope and be humble cheeseboard

Be Humble Cheeseboard

Seashell Tray

Ocean Flow

Green Ocean Cheeseboard

Green Ocean Cheeseboard

Owl Journal

Owl Jornal

What is on the Easel

The Lord created artists, who make life more pleasant by creating beautiful things for the glory of God and the enjoyment of others. God has greatly enriched our lives with beauty. And we in turn express or gratitude by displaying His glory in our art. – Julie Ackerman

Journals and Cheeseboards

Journals to Inspire,  journals to proclaim God’s goodness and Declare a thing into existence, declare boldly your purpose and and Loose from your soul the lies of the enemy, speak positive.


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