Declare and Decree

Decree Restoration and Restitution in my life!

Word of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge

What is Decree. 

Decree is a formal order, force of law.  Eternal purpose of God which brings about the events that have been foreordained. Legislation authority which God gives us to bring about already state of will.  Words already established in heaven through a verbal agreement, our words become that bridge linking heaven to earth as we speak heavenly decrees.  Foreordained by the Word of God.

Declare – bring a fierce campaign to get rid of something or a fierce battle against something. 

Thank goodness for revelators like Katie SouzaKat Kerr who I started to follow in 2014 and listened to their teachings. Speak truth into your life and repent continuously.

Declaration who you are!  So this is how we establish our atmosphere and and change our circumstances.

Decree His presence, His prosperity, healing and blessings.  Establish your future – this is a wonderful day, a powerful day.  With words we speak our destiny so it counteracts what the enemy has.  Establish today and tomorrow.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise. God I am grateful for this day, this is a good day, this is a prosperous day, I will rejoice and be glad in it.  Going to be a strong finish, God has set me up with divine appointments.

“Above all as I would be in health as my soul prospers” 3 John 1:2

“Be in health as my soul prospers”

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