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My journey to become a better artist, a inspiration and blessing to others.

 In the summer of 2004 I found the courage to approach an art gallery at The Grand Hotel to have  some of my work displayed.  A rock of a leopard was sold some 3 weeks later.  This gave me the inspiration to venture out more and use larger pieces of flagstone and to try on, jasper, onyx, jade and antique marble rock tiles and framing them.

Have you ever wished you could watch an artist really paint?  Well it happened to me.  I was truly blessed when Craig Bone invited  me to his  home.  What more can a new artist wish for but to watch a master at work, make him cup of tea, and be a part of his awesome family.  The guidance and instructions he gave me have truly influenced my way of painting which I am forever grateful.  I have so much more to learn.


I was privileged to attend a workshop with Dan Smith and was just overwhelmed with his technique and; “chewing at the bit” to get started. Not only did I learn so much from Dan but met so many awesome artists with different styles, it was mind boggling. I loved every minute of it. I was also privileged to meet Terry Isaac whose books I have purchased and so we had our work critiqued by 2 awesome famous artists. Sadly Terry passed away in 2019. Dan inspired my Spirit of Africa.

I’m not sure if every artist goes through a season where they change their outlook in life, their perspective and even how and what they paint.  I started to realize that I really enjoyed going to fares and create small sellable items.  My biggest change was that I started painting prophetic art.

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