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Man doesn’t create art, we make it. Only God can take absolutely nothing and create something. We don’t create anything; we put several existing objects together to build an art piece.” – Jack White. The only limit is my imagination as I always look for new products and mediums to use to explore my creativity.

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Rene Boast

Inspirational Artist

Rene Boast

    Although I enjoyed art as a child I never thought I would be able to “paint” one  day.  In my 20’s I was influenced by my Aunt’s art gallery in Harare, which displayed a lot of Craig Bone paintings.  I tried to paint on  canvas but felt I did not achieve that “stare back at you” look.  I wanted  animals to  come alive but this was not achieved so I gave up  painting.  I however surrounded myself with Craig Bone and Larry  Norton paintings secretly wishing I could paint.

   Years later I started think of painting again, painting wildlife with expressive facial expressions portraying God’s awesome creations and their wild freedom.  I wanted to show the  intensity of their expressions, leaving the viewer with a piece of work that will want them to learn more about the animal.  I started painting on rocks, did not want to waste money painting on canvases. On rock? After some thought I realized it is the “earthy, after the rain” smell  that reminds me of  Africa. 

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